The Causes and Origins of Disease

The origin of physical disease appears to be a magnetic distortion, or subtle energy distortion that appears to trap our bodies’ awareness and its tissues…trapped in time. Since time is a dimensional concept, to trap an energetic pattern in a traumatic moment causes that pattern to repeat itself over and over again, like a broken record. As our body ages, small related systems no longer flow in space and time, becoming dysfunctional, expressing disease. This energetic pattern has a magnetic mass that drives it totally unconscious of body time, moving its process forward at a faster rate, resulting in irregularly aging and growing body parts.

This magnetic component can be described from a variety of perceptions. It has a specific gauss of magnetic mass, a specific polarity, a corresponding Hz frequency, a corresponding wavelength of color or energy, a brain wave Hz, a sound wave and a temperature distortion. When we slow down vibrations in the physical plane to create live matter, we find that subtle energy distortions create reflections of physical disease. We can neurologically track this process through the acupuncture system, into the neurological, then glandular, deeper into the muscular and organs and finally into our bones. This process must be addressed at all levels of vibration and tissue density. A starting point of energies into the body is the subtle energies taken in by our eyes. The imbalances created are the disharmonies from one fully perceiving eye which is conscious of the body in space and time. The other eye is trapped in time at the moment of trauma, distorting our physical space.

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