Pulsed Breath

A pulsed breath is a term utilized in Dr. Vogel’s crystal healing work. In the beginning of a session you would be asked how could I serve you? What would you like to work on today? What would you like to correct? You would take in a full breath with intention (Love of God, Love of Christ or Love of the Holy Spirit) to force that intention, energy and thought past your brain. This expands the energy field to push out any bubbles of energy. Using the crystal you could scan the energy fields to detect the blocked mass of charge, the distortion, the bubble.

The brain is the sea of neural transmission, interaction, observation interpretation and a linkage into consciousness. You would then breathe in again and hold that breath and wait. Waiting for a subtle body response and then with lips closed force the breath past the brain and out the nostrils. This pulsed breath out would release the thought forms that bind you to any disharmony you are capable of acknowledging. This pulsed breath snaps the energy bubble dissipating the charge into space. That breaks up the attached thought form that was creating disharmony in the physical tissue. You would then fill your body with intention again to penetrate outward filling every area with the Love of God, especially the area where the bubble was.

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