A Spiritual Pregnancy



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Transform your nine-month journey to parenthood into a spiritual experience–

In the modern connected world, where life’s pressures seem to be growing exponentially, Cathy Sweet has provides a roadmap to reconnect with “our ancient past and our spiritual beginnings.” This series of specific steps you can take is presented with simple, clear instructions that will help you and your unborn child create deep and powerful spiritual foundations and bonds. Dr. Sweet draws on Christian and ancient Chinese traditions, Hebrew, Greek, and Sanskrit wisdom, as well as Kabbalah and Astrology to present a selection of exercises to transform pregnancy into a “spiritual experience and not just a physical journey.”

Lessons include meditations, visualizations, prayers, and ancient sacred exercises. Learn about sacred sounds and music. Create a backyard labyrinth and walk its mystical path that brings the body and mind into peace. Practice using the breath of life to harmonize, detoxify, and enliven you and your unborn child.

Dr. Catherine Sweet is an international lecturer, researcher, writer, and teacher of spiritual healing techniques. She has degrees and certificates in chemistry, physics, math, environmental management, and chiropractic. She practices in Port Chester, New York.

Cathy Quotes: This book is a great quick read by anyone interested in the journey of the soul. It echos an ancient memory in your cells that reconnect you with what life is all about. During pregnancy this journey is in real time but each of us have traveled this road before. This book is about enjoying the spiritual aspects of our ancestors and remembering their wisdom.

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