People Time and Space Time

It appears that consciousness and our evaluation of consciousness has a direct relationship to our ‘people time’. People time is our personal perception of time, it is not clock time. It has to do with our consciousness in time and space, the perception of our universe. For many people, the day may feel four hours long. For others, it feels forty-eight hours long. We may have had the personal experience of one eye exhausted after only four hours and the other eye relaxed and still at full function ten hours later. This generalized consciousness permeates our life with confusion. It becomes physically confusing to our cellular levels when neurologically we are perceiving two different time and spacial reactions. Our perception of time is altered in our present lives with injuries, traumas, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual events.

Our cellular time alters to more subtle vibrational levels which involve types of cellular memory. These memories trapped in time in our DNA are carried into this existence, confusing our present time. These will be labeled, for lack of better terms, time warps, past life traumas, ancestor-genetics, future life traumas or parallel universe traumas. We can consciously know and describe these events through memories or fears that have no validity in our present life. We must physically question these unreasonable traumas. We are born with right and left sides that are the same age, but it appears in the physical, one side ages faster, feels older and moves at a slower pace. Why does one eye have a different prescription that the other? Why is one eye a ‘lazy’ eye? We need a new vantage point to receive our answers to these questions. Unreasonable traumas are always to one side or to one location in the body and they are time dependent.

A person goes for a yearly check-up to find all tests and blood work are normal, not a hint of disease. That same person goes home and three days later has a heart attack and dies. There appears to be no physical cause. The body’s alarm clock seemed to go off at 47 years 3 months 2 days 6 hours 9 minutes and 3 seconds. Why do many experience health for most of their life and then it appears to be a bad year and they struggle every day of that year. Could the cells remember at a subtle body level? The cells might have a conscious recall of a past life or future life death? The trauma of that death memory is carried in the DNA through the generations. When that a cellular age is reached again in this lifetime, a traumatic memory vibrates uneasiness throughout the body. The patterns return and the magnetic distortions begin their process. The cells with their much different time frame are becoming involved with these magnetic distortions and physical disease begins. We are multi-dimensional conscious beings. We must move away from our limited view of time and space to see ourselves from a new perspective. This will alter the way we perceive ourselves and our universe.

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