Lesson 2: Subtle Energy Water

To reflect on Lesson 1- Water is the life blood of the earth. Our physical bodies are mostly water. This sacred link that binds us together picks up the frequencies that are fed into it. Just as a wavelength of color or a thought form of love is reacting with the water, we feel and interact with nature immediately when we shift our intention which shifts our perception. Look up the energy of water.

Topics to Think about: Rudolf Steiner- 100 years ago-Studied water and it’s life or innate energy, brook water vs. tap water and spring water vs. tap water. These energetic differences showed live moving brook water created beautiful perfect geometric patterns vs. distorted tap water created irregular geometric patterns. Dr. Marcel Vogel-1980’s-Studied the wavelengths of water before and after the intention of God’s Love or a Blessing is directed with thoughts into the water. After the blessing 2 new wavelengths of light were discovered using a spectrophotometer. Dr. Masaru Emoto-current- Water carries emotions and reacts to intentions. Energy forms are held in the water molecule and can be shown to be beautiful geometrics with loving intentions or irregular distorted shapes with negative emotions-intentions. Blessings to you today.

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