Lesson 1: Subtle Energy Color

Today we will begin our workshop in subtle energy. To understand subtle energy, it is very important to have techniques available for everyone to practice at home. As you practice each day you will evolve to sense, hear and see beyond the physical dimension. These simple lessons start to wake up your innate abilities to communicate beyond speech. Today we will begin thinking in terms of energy, thought forms, consciousness archetypes, wavelengths and vibrations. Today we will begin to look at our world as a multidimensional energetic universe that is a part of us. We will explore the spiritual fabric of what unites us. So let’s start.

Today we will explore colors. The energy of colors are felt with our senses not only with our eyes. Today obtain three colored drinking glasses. To give us a range in the electromagnetic spectrum choose a red glass, a green glass and a purple glass. These can be any shape in this beginning exercise- but note that geometrics are very important- and it is preferable but not necessary to be made of glass rather than plastic. Fill each with water and place for at least 20 minutes in the sun. Sip slowly each glass to feel the differences of texture and frequency that now has been infused into your water. The wavelengths of light that energetically we label color are also a taste. There should be a remarkable taste or texture difference in the three glasses. Make a simple notebook on your personal observations, and then bless these glasses with unconditional love and taste again the energy of love. Blessings to you today.

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