Instantaneous Healing and Altered States of Consciousness

We are each a critical component of God Consciousness. In the web of life we move in an illusion of space and time. At moments of enlightenment we have the clear awareness that we
are all one. This oneness penetrates every cell in our bodies with every breath we take. This oneness sees only the spiritual energy as God created us.

In this moment we are functioning in three dimensions of space and a dimension of time. In reality we are multi-dimensional and our consciousness is independent of space, time and the known laws of physics. Consciousness links everyone together and during psychic phenomena our consciousness instantaneously “knows” if a loved one is in danger or if a trauma is occurring. This knowing is beyond space and time and it is a thought form that is conscious of every moment in the universe. Our thoughts travel instantaneously, they are not governed by the speed of light. The spirit in each of us is light, we are conscious light. In Dr. Marcel Vogel’s research, a person would breathe in the Love of God, the Love of Christ and the Love of the
Holy Spirit to bring in the breath and consciousness of God into their tissue. All religious believes have a connection to a creative source. This would raise the frequency and vibratory rate of your spiritual body to link with God. At that level you would ask your soul to go to the cause of the problem and with a quick pulsed breath out, you would release the thought form, expelling it from your physical reflection. Dr Vogel and thousands of “healer-servers” utilizing his crystal technique have experienced instantaneous healings in the physical dimension.

The perception of ourselves is important. If we realize that in spiritual awareness we are functioning with only a small percentage of our being. Like an iceberg, a tenth of us is conscious and nine tenths are hidden. This hidden potential at moments of trauma has the ability to pull resources from other dimensions and energetically experience a miracle. Miracles are a natural expected outcome if we release our fears and search deep in our soul to our link with God. Dr. Vogel would say the universe is E=mc2+ love. The love all beings have for mankind is the glue that allows energy and matter to transform at the speed of light.

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