Healing Hyperspace Monocular Syntonics

During a traumatic event, the eyes together watch in fear at the oncoming tragedy. It could be a car accident about to happen on your left or an object falling toward you fro above. Most traumas that we experience have a directional component. This component is evaluated by the neurological system via our eye position. Due to the fact that our eyes are taking in two vantage points in space, one eye might see a larger field of vision relating to trauma. The second eye might be obstructed by the angle of the nose or rotations in head posture. This allows a ‘sidedness trauma’. One eye evaluates the scene and the other eye struggles to understand, causing it to ‘lock’ the neurological system in that specific range of motion. Unless you address that eye to return it to working harmony with the neurological system and the other eye, the trauma remains in the body and its energy fields.

Organ Involvement
If the eyes cannot efficiently absorb all the wavelengths of light the entire body is affected. Specific wavelengths are related to specific organs. We have found utilizing Applied Kinesiology and Acupuncture, that there is a direct correlation to only one eye causing the physical body distortion. A common problem is the relationship between cancer and monocular syntonics. It appears that a patient with cancer in a specific organ will show a magnetic distortion in the energy field over just one eye, not both. That magnetically distorted eye will neurologically link with an organ, which will show an opposite magnetic distortion (+ or -), holding that organ ’locked‘ in an acid or alkaline situation. Long term alterations of charge and field will result in cancers and chronic illnesses. Until the eye is brought back into the present time and function, all related body tissues and the immune system cannot recognize the problem area to begin the healing process.

The immune system appears to shut down due to a magnetic distortion, an alteration in polarity, which acts like an on-off switch. The off position “locks” the immune system in a crippling inability to recognize the area as its own. The field has shifted and the system cannot recognize its parts. A second very common problem is the patients inability to recover from a physical injury even after long term physical therapy. A patient will recover with rehabilitation to a point and abruptly stop. The practitioner must recruit the eye, or the body will not recognize the area that needs to recover. Unless the range of motion, back to the moment of trauma, and the eye that didn’t evaluate the entire scene are re-incorporated into the neurological patterns, the complete healing will not occur. This is found in all physical injuries, emotional and mental traumas in long term chronically ill patients that have come to a halt in their healing processes.

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