Charles Island, Connecticut

Sweet Spirit LLC is dedicated to education and spiritual awareness. It is not intended as medical advice, it’s intent is solely informational and hopefully will open new concepts and possibilities in your life. The books available are based on personal experiences and over twenty five years of private practice.

Topics include… Spiritual Healing, Multidimensional Healing, Communication with the spirit of your anticipated child, Dr. Marcel Vogel’s Crystal Work, Biomagnetism, Breastplate of Aaron, Kaballah, Poetry, Subtle energy fields, Vision, Chakras, Sound Healing, Sacred Geometry, Science of Complimentary Medicine, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying and 2012.

    • Publications:
  • Learn ancient techniques to become involved with your pregnancy in “A Spiritual Pregnancy.”
  • The “Magnets: The Energy of Life” CD looks at the history and philosophy of biomagnetism in relationship to your health and subtle energy fields.
  • The “Healing Loss” CD can be a comforting source of inspiration at a difficult time.
  • You may look at fear in a fearless way with the variety of experiences in the “Healing Fear” CD to shift fear from your physical-emotional-mental-spiritual bodies into knowledge and awareness.
  • Discover an ancient method of meditation in the “Shamanic Journey” CD.